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There are many species of bees but most common would be Honey bees (Apis Mellifera). They become a pest when taking up residence in buildings, we don’t like to kill Honey bees and will always try to remove them alive. Call Wiltshire Pest Services for advice.
Other bee species include Masonry bees, Digger bees, Bumble bees call us for advice on these.

How to Identify Honey Bees
• Approx 15mm long
• Golden yellow with brown bands
• Oval shape
• Unlike wasps bees tend to hover around the entrance to the hive-so if you see a haze of activity around the eaves of the house its most likely Bees

Possible Treatments
• Removal and relocation
• Smoke
• Dust

Useful tip / Interesting fact

Honey is the only insect-created food with therapeutic, medicinal,nutritional and cosmetic value.
it is the only food that contains “Pinocembrin” an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning.

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