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Bird Netting

Birds are often perceived as beautiful and harmless flying creatures. Most people don’t think of birds as pests. Unfortunately, birds have the potential to spread disease and attack people if they are provoked unintentionally. Some birds may even damage buildings, eat crops, and spread feces on structures, walkways, and driveways. 

Birds can become a real nuisance to property owners with sensitive areas on their property, such as gardens, gazebos, and sheds. If you want to keep birds away from your property, then you’ll need to install a barricade that is lightweight, affordable, and effective at preventing unwanted entry.

Wiltshire Pest Services offers bird netting services to accomplish this task. We can install special bird netting on any area of your property where you don’t want birds to inhabit. Bird netting serves as a physical barrier to prevent birds from accessing these areas. It is made of a durable plastic material called polyethylene. No bird will be able to penetrate this netting after it is installed.

Bird netting is a preventive pest control solution that is safe and friendly. No birds are injured or killed from the netting. Instead, it will simply force birds to fly in a different direction after they come in contact with the netting. We find there is no reason to harm any birds when you can make them just fly away.

Air and sunlight can pass through the netting. You won’t have to build any physical structures to protect your land either. Netting is a cost-effective and viable solution for all Wiltshire property owners. Contact our office to find out more information about our bird netting services. 

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