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Bird Spiking

Do you want to prevent large birds from roosting or congregating on specific areas of your property? If so, you might need a professional bird spiking service in Wiltshire. It is a bird prevention solution for areas where netting would be inappropriate to install. In certain scenarios where Bird Spiking is not appropriate a Post & Wire solution may be more appropriate. 

Bird spiking is a bird control technique that stops birds from landing on the various surfaces of buildings, such as roofs, eaves, and windowsills. It consists of needle-like spikes that can be installed on any surface where you want to stop birds from nesting. Since it would be unattractive to place bird netting over your roof and windows, bird spiking is a more aesthetically pleasing pest control alternative for birds. 

Don’t worry about the impact of bird spiking on the birds. The spikes are not designed to harm birds in any way. They will merely deter birds from wanting to land on the surfaces of your office or building. That way, you won’t have to worry about the birds nesting, breeding, sleeping and laying eggs on those surfaces. It keeps your property clean and sanitary.

Birds are not completely harmless in Wiltshire. They have been known to attack people, damage crops, damage buildings, and spread disease. It is not worth the risk of keeping them around on your property when they can cause so much harm and destruction. The best way to remove the birds is to prevent them from coming back. Bird spiking is a safe, effective, and a non-lethal option of bird prevention for property owners.

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