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As with most pests there are many different species, from House flies, Cluster fly, Fruit fly, Filter fly, Blowfly, Horsefly and many many more.

Flies spread disease fast and breed and adapt even faster. If you have any concerns with flies Call Wiltshire Pest Services who will Identify them correctly and then assist in the correct action to control/eradicate them.

How to Identify Flies
• Large numbers usually around a food source but could also be for other reasons as with cluster fly over wintering.
• 2 wings, 6 legs, sucking mouth parts.
• Flies will always tell a story by this we mean we can tell what is in the environment by the type of fly living there.

Possible Treatments
• Fly screens /Strip curtains
• Fly killing units- kill grid/sticky board
• Residual insecticide
• ULV/Fogging
• Traps
• Non toxic options

Useful tip/interesting fact

Did you know? house fly tastes with its feet which are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than the human tongue.
Did you know? cluster fly are parasites of the earthworm.

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