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Pigeon Control Wiltshire

Many people don’t think of pigeons as traditional pests. However, pigeons and other birds have the potential to cause damage to your home or business in Wiltshire. Just think about all the contamination issues that might occur from the birds’ nesting and defecating on the property. These activities can cause damage to the structure of your building not to mention health and safety issues such as slip hazards and disease risks and secondary infestations such as bird mites. 

Wiltshire Pest Services can assist you with your property’s pigeon problem in Wiltshire.  We have an elite team of pest control professionals with experience removing pigeons from properties and preventing them from returning. Don’t worry because we use humane methods for controlling the pigeon population on our clients’ properties. Our pigeon proofing methods consist of denying the pigeons access rather than killing them.

The reason many properties develop a pigeon infestation problem is due to environmental conditions present. If you have areas of your property where it is slightly sheltered and easy for pigeons to hide and nest, you will probably develop a pigeon infestation. Our pest control technicians can eliminate this problem with methods like netting, spiking, post & wire, Trapping, Culling, sanitation, discrete gels, and other discrete methods. We will work within the law following licencing criteria to remove birds, eggs and nests safely and legally.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a company you can trust. Call 07711259749 for a quotation on our pigeon control services in Wiltshire. Remember that pigeons reproduce continually. Once a baby pigeon hatches from its eggs, it will double in weight after one day. So, you need to stay on top of pigeon control before the population gets out of hand. And birds are habitual so when they are born in a building they will want to return there.

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