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Drone Surveys for Pest Control

Wiltshire Pest Services is one of the few pest control companies that use drone technology to conduct aerial surveys of properties to look for signs of pest infestations.

For instance, some pests like birds will build nests on rooftops and hard-to-reach areas. However, they can easily be discovered if our professional drone flies over them because it can track their heated movement.

Our professional drone surveys can detect the following pests:

  • Gulls and pigeons
  • Hornets
  • Bees
  • Rodents
  • Wasps

We’ll also look for signs of damage on high roofs. Our pest control technicians will observe an aerial video feed of the damage and determine which type of pest caused it. Most property owners experience gull or pigeon issues when it comes to damaged rooftops.

Why Drone Technology is Effective at Managing Pests

Drones let us conduct safe and efficient inspections of rooftops, houses, and buildings with difficult areas to reach. We specifically target the most common pest entry points where invasions and nesting take place. These are typically areas you cannot see from the ground level, which is why drone aviation technology is so effective in the pest control industry.

Our particular drones come fully equipped with heat-seeking cameras that can scan and track the thermal activity of pests. Between the thermal activity and the signs of damage present, we can quickly identify the types of pests which caused it. Then we will come up with a plan for removing the pests safely and lawfully.

Here is a summary of the benefits of using our drone technology for pest management:

  • Inspect rooftops and other high areas without needing scaffolding or ladders
  • Eliminate the risk of injury during the inspection because everyone stays on the ground
  • Aerial inspections are fast and simple
  • Heat detection to track the activity of smaller pests
  • Assess the structural damage and discover the easily penetrable areas needing fixing
  • Inspect currently installed pest and bird proofing mechanisms, such as nets, wires, and spikes.

We always use fully qualified pilots to fly the drones from the ground. In addition, you will get to see the on-site aerial imagery in real-time.

CAA Qualified Pilot

Wiltshire Pest Services carries out our professional drone surveys using a CAA-qualified pilot. CAA stands for Civil Aviation Authority, an aviation regulatory authority managing the safety practices of pilots and aircraft.

A CAA qualified pilot understands aviation safety and knows how to operate an aircraft. They have the skills and experience needed to become a licenced pilot. Wiltshire Pest Services always uses a CAA-qualified pilot to operate our drones whenever they conduct professional surveys for our clients. It ensures a safe and successful surveying job.

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