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Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus) have always been a problem if not controlled they will establish themselves and breed very quickly.
Key elements are food water and harbourage, these are all elements that we look at in control methods along with proofing and sanitation. Rats will carry and spread disease quickly in areas they are using for food or harbourage. If you suspect you have rats Call Wiltshire Pest Services for help to get the problem under control or to be pro active and put monitoring programs in place.

How to Identify Rats
• Burrows
• Droppings (12mm long cylindrical pointed at one or both ends)
• Smear marks _Grease marks left by fur when regularly running along same pathways.
• Runs-pathways left by constant travel back and forth to food/harbourage point.
• Footprints/ Tail swipes.
• Damaged items such as food packets, electrical cables, furniture.

Possible Treatments
• Trapping-various methods
• Environmental management
• Poison
• Gassing
• Proofing
• Pro active monitoring

Useful tip/ interesting fact

Rats can be Neophobic meaning they are afraid of new objects.


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