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Wasp Removal Warminster

Wasps are yellow and black striped flying insects that hide in trees, holes in the ground, and in cavities in buildings. They are easy to tell apart from bees because wasps have longer bodies and narrower waists.But should you need help identifying them feel free to ask your local experts Wiltshire Pest Services.

When you see one or two wasps on your property, it won’t take long before their numbers grow to the thousands. A queen wasp can build her nest quickly and create thousands of wasps throughout one summer season. They collect dead insects and feed them to their young, so they serve some purpose in nature. But, they are a nuisance to human beings.

Wasps tend to cause a much more painful and harmful sting than bees. Some people will even suffer an allergic reaction and go into shock, leading to a life-threatening crisis. For this reason, it would be in your best interest to locate the nest before their numbers have a chance to grow this much.

Wiltshire Pest Services can perform a comprehensive site inspection on your domestic or commercial property in Warminster. Our experienced technicians will check every known hiding spot to see if any wasp nests are present. Once we locate the nest, we will eradicate it safely and efficiently.

Our wasp removal solutions don’t cause any harm to people, animals, or the environment. We may use an insecticidal spray for larger nests but our preferred treatment solutions don’t involve chemical usage at all. These solutions could include freezing,non toxic spray, traps, and dust.

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