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Bird Control Devizes

Birds may seem friendly and innocent, but they can harm your property and the people on it. A bird infestation can spread disease, droppings, and damage to your property. Sometimes bird nests clog your gutters and create roof leaks and water damage. The good news is all of these problems are easily avoidable.

Hire a professional bird control company like Wiltshire Pest Services to execute safe and eco-friendly bird control solutions in Devizes. We can remove all bird issues without hurting or killing them. Our bird control technicians follow all the local and national laws requiring safe bird removal and prevention solutions. So, you are in good hands with our team.

Wiltshire Pest Services use practical, innovative, and advanced bird control techniques to get the job done. They include the following:

  • Post and wire
  • Culling
  • Insecticidal treatments
  • Spiking
  • Discrete gels
  • Netting
  • Bird egg removal
  • Bird nest removal
  • Sanitation
  • Setting traps
  • Falconry
  • Intelligent distress call systems

We serve all commercial business owners and residential property owners in Devizes. When you call us for a site evaluation, we’ll send our best bird control technicians to inspect your property. Then we’ll recommend the safest and most effective bird elimination techniques, such as spiking, netting, and post & wire or disruption techniques.

Wiltshire Pest Services possesses all the necessary licenses, certifications, and educational training to provide professional and reliable bird control services in Devizes. We’re confident you’ll be more than pleased with the results of our services. Then you can have peace of mind knowing your property is safe and healthy enough for people again.

Call us at 07711259749 to request immediate bird control services for your property in Devizes.

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