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Gull Control/Removal Frome

Gulls may seem like harmless birds, but they can cause substantial damage and chaos for the people in your home or business. When you have too many gulls on your property, they can damage your electrical units, block gutters, attack people, and spread disease.

As a Frome property owner, you have a responsibility to maintain the safety of your property for other people who are on it. But, at the same time, you have to comply with UK laws regarding the safe treatment of birds when attempting to remove them. Therefore, unless you have sufficient gull control training and experience, you should never try to control them yourself.

Wiltshire Pest Services has a team of professional pest control technicians who have the proper training and experience in all matters related to gull control and removal. We serve the business owners and homeowners of Frome by ensuring their properties remain gull-free.

We use eco-friendly gull control and removal methods which include the following:

  Post & Wire





Our gull control methods comply with UK safety and regulation laws for protecting bird species. No gulls are injured or killed when we remove and deter them from a property. So you can feel safe knowing that we’re overseeing your gull infestation problem while keeping you in compliance with the law.

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