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Extreme Cleaning Wiltshire

Whether it is due to neglect or health reasons, some properties can become deeply ingrained with dirt that calls for nothing short of an extreme clean to get them back in decent condition.

Hoarders will often accumulate an exorbitant amount of possessions that make it impossible to keep the home clean. Not only is there a build-up of dirt to deal with, but also possibly pest infestations that leave behind all manner of biological waste to deal with. It is often left to family, landlords or new property owners to clean up the mess left behind.

At Wiltshire Pest Services, we undertake extreme cleaning that includes clearing, cleaning, and sanitising the entire property so that no remnants of the past are seen. The new tenants will not be able to tell what happened with the previous occupants and can feel safe and comfortable moving into their new home. Our team is fully trained in providing this service and handling biohazardous materials like body fluids, animal dander, and human waste that can lead to serious illness if mishandled.

The same applies to end of tenancy cleaning where exiting tenants want to hand over the property in good condition to recover their tenancy deposit or landlords are looking to ensure a property is presentable before showing it to prospective new tenants and need help with a deep clean. Depending on how well the property was treated by previous occupants, extreme cleaning services may be the best solution if only to ensure a safe and tidy premises. We work from top to bottom, covering every surface meticulously so that the next tenant can move in with peace of mind.

This service also caters to situations of fire or flood remediation, sewage disasters, squat or drug dens, and fly-tipping. Call us for an efficient and discreet service today.

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