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Cluster Flies Frome

Are you tired of dealing with the annoyance of cluster flies buzzing around your commercial or residential property in Frome? If so, you do not have to tolerate these flying pests any longer.

Wiltshire Pest Services has a team of professional pest control technicians with the necessary skills, tools, and experience to eliminate cluster flies safely and quickly. We can offer non-toxic treatment solutions to stop standard cluster fly infestation problems without adding chemicals to the environment.

Cluster flies love to assemble and attract other insects in windows, light fixtures, loft spaces, and any upper floor or space. If you do not request our services to address the problem quickly, you could end up with thousands of cluster flies divebombing you, your family, guests, or customers.

Our full range of treatment solutions for addressing cluster fly infestations includes the following:

  • Fly Screens
  • Fly Traps
  • Insecticides
  • Fly Killing Units
  • Ultra-Low Volume Fogging

Insecticides are for the most severe cluster fly infestation problems. We will only use insecticides if we feel they are necessary for eliminating a significant infestation getting out of control. But, for all other infestation situations, the non-toxic sticky boards, fly traps, and fly screens should be effective enough to eliminate them.

Remember that cluster flies leave pheromones behind after being eradicated from an environment. That means more cluster flies could return to this environment where the pheromones still exist. Fortunately, we can address this problem by booking in a treatment to eradicate the flies, again.

Contact us at 01985 301455 or email us at for more information regarding our cluster fly treatment options in Frome.

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