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Gull Control/Removal Chippenham

Gulls are seabirds from the Laridae family of birds. They are one of the most common birds to serve as pests for property owners in Chippenham. Some of the ways they act like pests include the following:

  Nesting in gutters and roofs

  Attacking people

  Contaminating the environment

  Spreading disease

  Damage property (e.g., solar panels, air conditioning units, electrical items, etc.)

  Destroying plants and crops

  Preventing water drainage

  Fouling accumulation on walkways, driveways, pathways, buildings, etc.

Do you need to remove gulls from your property and prevent them from coming back? If so, you can trust our pest control company to keep your property gull-free.

Wiltshire Pest Services has more than 17 years of experience removing and controlling gulls on properties in Chippenham. If you need a long-term solution for dealing with your gull infestation problem, we have the proper tools and techniques for handling the job. Some of these bird control and removal methods include:




  Post & Wire

–    Falconry

Our gull removal methods comply with local and national regulations because we never harm or kill any birds whatsoever. Instead, we only use non-lethal methods of eliminating gulls. Once we are done, your property will be restored to a gull-free environment. 

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