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Woodworm Treatment in Frome

Frome, with its unique blend of historical and modern wooden architecture, requires specialised attention to protect its buildings from woodworm infestation. Wiltshire Pest Services provides expert woodworm treatment services to preserve and protect wooden structures in Frome, ensuring their longevity and structural integrity.


Effective Woodworm Management
  • Expert Diagnosis: Our team offers accurate identification of woodworm infestations, providing a solid foundation for effective treatment.
  • Customised Treatment Solutions: We adapt our treatment methods to the specific needs of each property, ensuring the best possible results.
  • Heritage Building Care: Our sensitive application of treatments safeguards the historical character of Frome’s buildings while effectively addressing woodworm concerns.

Wiltshire Pest Services is committed to the preservation and protection of Frome’s wooden heritage through specialised woodworm treatment services.


Long-Term Woodworm Solutions
  • Advanced Treatment Products: Our use of the latest, most effective treatment products ensures long-lasting protection against woodworm.
  • Preventative Measures: We offer preventative treatments and practical advice to help protect properties from future woodworm infestations.
  • Expert Knowledge and Care: Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience ensure that all treatments are conducted with the highest level of professionalism and care.

For homeowners and property managers in Frome, Wiltshire Pest Services offers reliable and professional woodworm treatment services, safeguarding the town’s valuable wooden heritage against the damaging effects of woodworm.

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