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Bird control (gull, pigeon, Canadian geese) Salisbury

Are birds causing havoc on your property in Salisbury? If so, you cannot afford to tolerate the potential risk of the birds causing property damage, disease spreading, crop damage, electrical damage, or attacks on people and animals. You must call an expert to help you deal with your bird infestation problem.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a professional bird control company serving businesses and residents of Salisbury. We offer professional bird control methods to our customers, including netting, spiking, culling, post & wire, sanitation, bird nest removals, trap setting, and more. Our bird control specialists will recommend the best options for your infestation problem.

In addition, we now offer a new bird control system called Bird Alert. It is a sophisticated bird control technology designed to frighten birds away within a 250-metre radius. When a particular bird species fly near this bird control system, it will hear their calls and  ring out a distress call to scare it away. The system runs 24 hours daily to protect your property from bird pests, so you’ll never have to stress out over bird infestations again.

Bird Alert utilizes Internet of Things technology so that you can remotely manage the system from afar. It lets you choose from several bird scare options. As a result, common pesty bird species like Rooks, Starlings,Gulls, and Canadian geese will no longer be a problem.

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