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Bird Control (gull, pigeon, Canadian geese) Trowbridge

Birds portray themselves as innocent and friendly creatures of the sky. However, a bird infestation could potentially inflict harm upon people and property unless dealt with promptly. The common issues with bird infestations include droppings, disease, clogged gutters, roof leaks, and building damage.

Would you like to avoid these problems on your property in the village of Trowbridge? If so, you’ll want to request the professional bird control services of Wiltshire Pest Services. We have the proper training and experience in removing pesty birds from properties safely and efficiently. In addition, we always follow local and national laws by not harming any of the birds on the properties.

Local property owners in Trowbridge may experience an infestation from bird species like pigeons, gulls, and Canadian geese. Here are the common ways we remove and deter them:

  • Netting
  • Sanitation
  • Setting Traps
  • Falconry
  • Spiking
  • Bird Egg Removal
  • Culling
  • Insecticidal Treatments
  • Discrete Gels
  • Post & Wire
  • Bird Alert (New)

Bird Alert is a new method of bird control that we now offer to our customers in the village of Trowbridge. It is an advanced bird control system with the technology to detect and identify specific bird species common in the village. After that, the system releases a bioacoustics distress call to scare away all birds within a 250-metre radius. Not only is this a highly effective way to deter birds from your property, but it is also a completely safe way to do it too.

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