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Death Cleaning Wiltshire

It can be impossible to tell the location, time, and manner in which a person will die. When it happens at home or on commercial premises, there is often the issue of clean-up that needs to be handled. The concern becomes more serious where the death went unnoticed for some time, leading to decomposition to begin occurring.

Death cleaning services are intended to help in the decomposition clean up and decontamination that is needed after a dead body has been removed from the scene. There are often different kinds of biohazardous materials that remain including bloodstains, body tissues, bodily fluids, human waste, and odour. This damage can occur on the floor, carpet, bed, other furniture, and even walls.

The work requires special cleaning products suited for decontamination and odour removal. Normal cleaning products cannot contend with this level of contamination. Cleaning specialists that handle this work are also best suited as they know how to effectively use these special materials and equipment, and where such contamination can hide sight unseen.

So whether it is a loved one that has died or an accident that occurred on your premises, let us help you deal with part of the challenge by providing the death cleaning services you need. Note that it is not required for police to undertake this work so engaging the service yourself offers the best chances of having your property restored to a habitable condition.

We also provide decluttering and clearing services where you may want to clear the residence or premises. This is especially common where the person died at home while living alone, with no one left to continue occupying the property.

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