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Gull Control/Removal Wiltshire

Gull infestations can cause a lot of problems for property owners in Wiltshire. If you don’t implement gull control solutions quickly, you could wind up with damage to your home or business. The damage could range from chewed electrical wiring to cluttered drainage and flooding. The worst-case scenario is the spread of disease on your property from the gulls.

Gulls love to nest in roofs, gutters, and drainage chutes. Fortunately, there is a safe and viable solution for removing gulls and nests from these areas and keeping them away for good. The solution is to hire a professional pest control company like Wiltshire Pest Services to control your gull infestation problem.

Our pest control technicians have over 17 years of experience removing gulls and other bird species from properties in Wiltshire. We use highly effective gull control techniques to remove gulls without harming them at all. 

Some of our gull control techniques include:




  Post & Wire


Would you like us to evaluate your gull infestation problem in Wiltshire? If so, you can contact us at 01985 301455 or email us at to set up an appointment for a visit from one of our trained pest control specialists.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a licensed pest control and bird management company in Wiltshire. Our pest control specialists comply with UK laws to ensure no birds are harmed during our gull control efforts.

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