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Rodent Control Frome

Rodents are a continuous threat to all property owners in Frome. Whenever food and water are exposed out in the open, you will always have to worry about rats and other rodents finding them. If you have rubbish containers left outside, you need to be extremely careful. They must have secured seals on them, or else rodents will indeed find their way inside. Even something as simple as feeding wild birds or keeping chickens will attract rodents before you know it you will have a rodent infestation on your hands.

These are some basic steps to keep rodents away. However, you could still have rodents get into your home or building because of gaps or damage in the exterior walls or even through damaged drainage systems. Once rodents get inside your structure, they can travel around the wall and floor voids with the potential of even entering the living space giving a high risk to them spreading disease around your property urinating and defecating where they please. Anyone inhabiting the structure is at risk of developing severe health problems as a result if the problem is left untreated. 

Wiltshire Pest Services is the premier pest control company in Frome. We have created several original rodent control solutions for property owners in the area. These are solutions that can eliminate rodents and prevent them from ever coming back again. Some of these solutions include setting traps, proactive rodent monitoring, and implementing environmental management techniques.

If you already have rodents present on your Frome property, we will use our expertise to survey the property and get to the root of the problem. We will avoid using poison unless absolutely necessary, finding and sealing access points is a much safer and effective way to eliminate the issue and keeps our environment and wildlife safe. Traps may be used to remove any rodents trapped inside and where absolutely necessary rodenticide. From there, we can offer our additional sanitation service which will clean up the infested areas to ensure they are safe and sanitary. 

Would you like to learn more information about our rodent control techniques in Frome? Call us at 07711259749 to speak with our customer support team.

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