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Wasps are easy to identify on a property in Wiltshire. They are winged insects with long bodies, thin waists, black and yellow colours, and a painful stinger. If a queen wasp develops her nest on your property at the beginning of the summer, you’ll end up with thousands of wasps by the time autumn arrives.

It is best to eliminate wasps before they increase their numbers. A wasp can cause an allergic person to suffer anaphylactic shock in the event the wasp stings them. This shock could lead to a life-threatening situation for the victim, so it is better not to take any chances. Instead, call a professional pest control company to quickly resolve your wasp infestation problem before it gets too out of hand.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a professional wasp control company in Wiltshire. Our highly trained and experienced pest control technicians specialise in removing wasps and wasp nests from domestic and commercial properties. Once we identify the wasp nest site on your property, we’ll take the appropriate steps to remove the nest safely. Then we will give advice to help ensure you don’t have the same wasp problem again in the future.

Some of the treatment solutions available are freezing, wasp traps, flyscreens, and insecticidal spray or dusts. We’ll only use the insecticidal spray in severe cases of infestation. However, we strive to use non-toxic methods for removing wasps to promote environmental friendliness and cleanliness.

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