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Bird Control Melksham

Birds can cause more damage to your property than you might think. Melksham is one of many UK cities experiencing increased infestations from bird species like pigeons and gulls. Birds build nests on roofs, gutters, drain pipes, garages, sheds, and other dark and discreet locations.

If birds nest on your property, they could spread fouling, attack people, damage crops, damage electrical lines, cause mite issues, spread disease & contamination, and cause other forms of property damage. This could put you and everyone else on your property at risk.

Wiltshire Pest Services has the perfect bird control solutions to save your property and the health of the people on it. We have a team of experienced bird control technicians with innovative equipment and mechanisms for stopping infestations. Some of our most popular and most requested solutions include the following:

  • Sanitation
  • Post and wire
  • Culling
  • Spiking
  • Netting
  • Bird egg and nest removal
  • Setting traps
  • Discrete gels
  • Falconry
  • Intelligent disruption systems

We follow all UK Government regulations concerning the removal and prevention of bird species like pigeons and gulls. Because of this, you can have the reassurance that our bird control solutions will comply with the law and keep you out of trouble. That is why you should only hire a reputable bird control company like Wiltshire Pest Services because we have the credentials and training to manage birds lawfully.

Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with our bird control technicians in Melksham? If so, call us at 07711259749 to request our professional bird control services today.

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