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Wasp Control Bath

Wasps are flying bugs with yellow and black stripes. They hide in holes in the ground, trees, and small cracks and crevices of buildings. You can tell wasps apart from bees because their bodies are longer and their waists are narrower. But if you need help identifying and eliminating them from your Bath property, you can ask Wiltshire Pest Services for assistance.

One or two wasps on your property could quickly turn into thousands. When a queen wasp lands on your property, she can build her nest speedily and make many more wasps within a single summer season. Wasps have a role in nature by finding dead insects to feed their larvae and young wasps. People, on the other hand, find them annoying and dangerous.

Wasp stings tend to be much more painful and dangerous than bee stings. Some people even suffer allergic reactions and shock, which could have deadly consequences. Because of this, it would be best for you to find the wasp nest on your property before the number of wasps gets out of hand.

Wiltshire Pest Services can thoroughly inspect your Bath home or business for wasps and nests. Our skilled pest control technicians will check every place where wasps might hide to see if any nests are there. Once we find the nests, we’ll get rid of them safely and effectively.

We use safe wasp removal techniques which don’t harm living things or the environment. But, in extreme infestation cases, we might use an insecticide spray to destroy massive amounts of wasps and nests. However, our favorite ways to eliminate wasps don’t involve using any chemicals. These safer options are freezing, dust, non-toxic sprays, and dust. Our treatments for wasps nests are guaranteed so should our treatment fail for any reason we will come back and treat again for free.

Do you need to request a professional wasp removal service in Bath? Call us at 01985 301455 or send us an email at to connect with our wasp control professionals.


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