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Food manufacturing facilities are easy targets of all kinds of pests, such as cockroaches, flies, rodents, birds, spiders, etc. Most pests are attracted to organic matter like food when it exists in large quantities and remains unpackaged or unprotected. That is why it is essential to acquire professional pest control services when operating a food manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom.

And food manufacturers in the UK are expected to operate to the highest food safety and hygiene practices at all times. All such manufacturers are expected to meet BRC and SALSA regulations, while some producers will have their own stringent regulations in place.

Field biologist inspections are undertaken regularly, with in-depth inspections that ensure all expectations are being met. Regardless, the team at Wiltshire Pest Services will help ensure your food manufacturing facility meets the strictest of requirements, ensuring you provide safe products and keep within the law.

Wiltshire Pest Services has a team of pest control technicians with the skills and experience to remove and deter pests from food manufacturing facilities. As a result, we can utilise safe and practical techniques for stopping pest infestations and ensuring they don’t happen again.

Our pest control services start with a pest inspection and survey at your food manufacturing facility to determine the severity of your pest infestation problem. Next, we will identify all the vulnerable areas of your facility which are most susceptible to attracting pests. After that, we’ll take the appropriate steps to safely remove the existing pests and execute preventative measures to deter them from returning.

A pest-free food manufacturing facility will help you maintain uncontaminated food products and ensure the health and safety of those who consume them. In addition, our pest control techniques don’t require the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides, so there is no risk of food contamination from our pest control efforts either. It is an entirely safe process.

Would you like to request a pest inspection of your food manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom? Call us at 07711259749 to schedule an appointment for a surveyor to visit your facility.

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