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Rat Control Devizes

Rats are the most annoying and potentially dangerous pests for business owners and homeowners in Devizes. Aside from their unsanitary nature, rats also tend to damage property and spread disease throughout the environment.

Therefore, you don’t want to risk your indoor environment suffering a rat infestation because it could have devastating consequences for you and the other people on your property. The best solution is to call a pest control professional specialising in eliminating and preventing rat infestations.

Wiltshire Pest Services is the leading provider of rat control services in Devizes. We are experts in removing rats from properties and then proofing and sanitising them to ensure they won’t return. You won’t find another pest control company more committed to customer satisfaction than ours.

Our rat control treatments can include the following:

  • Rodenticide
  • Proofing
  • Traps
  • Drainage CCTV surveys
  • Environmental Management
  • Smoke Machine Tests of the Drainage System
  • Pro-active Monitoring

We prefer to use safe and effective rat control treatments for everyone on the property. These are non-toxic treatments that pose no harm to people or property. In fact, a big part of our rat control techniques includes drainage surveys because defective drainage systems have a lot to do with rat infestations on people’s properties.

Rodenticide is an extreme rat control treatment. However, we’ll only use it if you have a serious infestation and all the other options have been exhausted. Fortunately, our proofing, trapping, and sanitising services can effectively stop and deter most rat infestations in Devizes.

Contact us at 01985 301455 or email us at for more details about our rat control services in Devizes.

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