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Cluster Flies Trowbridge

Cluster flies typically make annoying buzzing sounds when they fly and travel in large groups by the thousands. It will not take long to spot the cluster flies when they fly around your home, upper windows, light fixtures, or loft space. They usually invade these locations through voids and gaps in a structure’s south-facing walls and roof.

You do not have to worry about the cluster flies attacking or biting you or anyone else because they don’t harm humans. However, they can become annoying pests when they divebomb anyone who gets too close to them. That is why you should contact a professional pest control company like ours to control the problem before it gets too out of hand.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a fully qualified, certified, experienced, and professional pest control company specialising in treating and controlling cluster flies on properties in Trowbridge and surrounding areas. Whether cluster flies have invaded your home or business, our pest control technicians can implement effective treatment solutions for mitigating the problem.

Our most effective treatment solutions are insecticides, fly screens, fly killers, and fogging. We may use some or all these treatment solutions to deal with your cluster flies, depending on the severity of the infestation. Once we eliminate the cluster flies, they may return the following year.

For this reason, you should request our long-term site evaluation services so we can continue monitoring your property and controlling the fly problem. Wiltshire Pest Services offers affordable rates for high-quality pest control services in Trowbridge.

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