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Woodworm Treatment Trowbridge

Do you have woodworm in your property? Woodworms are beetle larvae attracted to moisture and timber. They will usually infest a wooden object or structure, such as wooden furniture or a wooden home or structure.

The larvae feast on moisture-filled timber materials, while the adult beetles lay their eggs just underneath the wooden surface. If you don’t discover the infestation in time, the woodworm numbers will continue to grow. The signs of woodworm growth are apparent by the several visible bore holes on the outer wooden surface. Once you see these signs, you should seek a professional for immediate assistance.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a reliable and trustworthy woodworm treatment provider in Trowbridge. Our woodworm control technicians have the necessary training to eliminate woodworm threats and prevent them from returning. We can use a combination of preventative measures and insecticides to prevent and eradicate woodworm infestations.

It is critical to call us as soon as you see the signs of a woodworm infestation. The longer an infestation remains untreated, the more damage your wooden structures will suffer. Then those wooden structures will become a safety hazard to anyone who uses them. But if you contact us for an immediate woodworm treatment to eliminate the infestation, it will save your wooden structures from becoming hazardous to people.

Would you like to receive more details about our woodworm treatment solutions and techniques on properties in Trowbridge? Call us at 07711 259749 or email us at to connect with our woodworm control technicians today.

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