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Wasp Control Shaftesbury

Wasps are winged pests commonly found at homes and businesses in Shaftesbury. These flying insects have longer and narrower bodies than bees but similar black and yellow colours. You will certainly recognise them when you see them flying around on your property.

One wasp sighting usually means several more wasps are nesting nearby. Do not leave wasps on your property for too long because their numbers will increase, and someone will more likely get stung by one of them. A wasp sting has the potential to cause redness, pain, and sometimes even anaphylactic shock.

For this reason, you must take all wasp infestations seriously. Contact our professional wasp control company if you see even one wasp on your property. Wiltshire Pest Services has a team of experienced pest control professionals specializing in eliminating and preventing wasps on commercial and residential properties in Shaftesbury.

Our wasp control technicians can use effective and eco-friendly techniques to eliminate and prevent wasp infestations. These techniques may include freezing nests, installing flyscreens, setting traps, and administering insecticidal spray. One or more techniques may get used depending on the severity of the wasp infestation.

We will only use the insecticidal spray if the other techniques are too insufficient to eliminate a massive wasp infestation. We strive to protect the environment by using non-toxic treatment methods to remedy wasp infestation problems on properties in Shaftesbury.

Would you like to schedule a site inspection on your residential or commercial property in Shaftesbury? Call Wiltshire Pest Services at 01985 301455 or email us at for additional assistance, all of our wasp nest removal treatments are guaranteed for your peace of mind.


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