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Loft Clearance Wiltshire

The loft is more than just a void space between our ceilings and the roof. In some cases, it can be an additional living space or simply part of the housing through which electric cables run. Unfortunately, it is also a part of the home where pest infestation, especially from rodents is common.

People will often hear scratching sounds in the dead of night and wonder where the noise is coming from. Rats, mice and squirrels are amongst the most common culprits and will often nest in lofts. Insects like flies, wasps, woodworms and moths are another type of infestation that will require your attention.

Once you get rid of the infestation, you will then need to remedy the damage and dirt build-up they have left behind. From droppings to feathers, nests to insect bodies, many health hazards will require professional help to get the property safely and effectively cleaned up. These creatures are responsible for an array of diseases that can make your home a health hazard and for those that have business premises, risk being shut down by local authorities.

If you have had to call in technicians to work in your loft area, whether it is to fix the roof, replace insulation or repair electrical work, you will need cleaning services to get rid of the risk of disease to ensure the contractors are safe, many will refuse to enter a loft with evidence of rodents or birds.

Our loft cleaning services can help set things right by clearing, cleaning and sanitising affected areas of your home. We will come in with the required equipment and cleaning materials to ensure your home is restored to its original habitable state. Lofts can be difficult to access and clean when you lack the experience so let us help you overcome this challenge with our experienced team that will get your property back into safe and sanitary condition.

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