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Woodworm Treatment Salisbury

Woodworms (aka. Furniture beetles, Anobium punctatum) are a common problem for Salisbury residential and commercial property owners with wooden structures and furniture. They are types of beetles in the larval stage of their growth, which infest wooden objects to feed on their timber material.

It is easy to notice the signs of woodworm infestations because you will see a cluster of little holes in your wooden furniture, objects, and structures. The woodworms use these exit holes to get out of the wooden items. If enough holes get made, they can cause structural damage and create a safety hazard for anyone using them.

In addition, you may see adult beetles with a dark brown complexion hanging out around the holes or in nearby window cills. An adult female beetle will lay eggs in the exit holes or cracks and crevices of the wood structure if not discovered in time. Then more woodworms will eventually emerge from the eggs and continue to damage the wood for another 3-5 years before emerging. You must contact a woodworm control specialist to eliminate the infestation before it worsens.

Wiltshire Pest Services is a qualified and fully insured pest control company serving residential and commercial clients in Salisbury. Our professional pest control technicians have the necessary training and experience in dealing with woodworm infestation problems. Once our technicians identify the woodworm threat on your property, we’ll use the appropriate treatment and preventative solutions to eliminate the woodworms. The primary woodworm treatment solution is insecticide with curative and preventative action.

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