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Rat Removal Bath

Rats are one of the most frequent pests that invade homes and businesses in Bath. Not only are rats unsanitary, but they can spread disease and damage property. That is why you must take every step possible to remove and prevent rats before they have a chance to strike.

Wiltshire Pest Services is one of the most professional and dependable rat removal companies in Bath. Our pest control technicians specialise in rat removal, proofing, and sanitation. We can implement safe and effective treatments to ensure that rats never infest your property again. Many rat infestation issues are actually caused through defective drainage systems, Wiltshire Pest Services have our one cameras and smoking systems to help identify drainage faults where rats can enter your property.

Here are the possible treatments we can administer:

  • Traps
  • Proofing
  • Rodenticide
    • Drainage CCTV surveys
    • Smoke machine tests of drainage
  • Environmental Management
  • Pro-active Monitoring
    • Shooting

Some of these treatments are more environmentally friendly than others.We will only use rodenticide if traps are not going to work effectively, we prefer to stay with the non-toxic and non-hazardous solutions, we can use traps and proofing to remove your rats safely. Our goal is to remove the issue safely and effectively, with the least impact to the environment and the quickest resolution for our customers.

Wiltshire Pest Services recommends pro-active monitoring of your property after removing the rats. Our monitoring service will look for signs of rats on your property before they have a chance to infest it. Then we’ll take the appropriate steps to deter the rats and protect your property. In addition, we’ll advise you on how to eliminate triggers that prompt infestations, such as not leaving food out in the open, feeding wild birds.

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